Welcome to Sacred Garden Sanctuary

Sacred Garden Sanctuary is an intentional community dedicated to sustainable farming and lifestyle, on 40 acres of land located near Douglas, Arizona

The Sanctuary Land in 1996

Why Sacred?

We believe all life is sacred, and treating life as sacred changes our behavior to preserve and care for living ecosystems and the species that comprise them. pocket option download for pc life is sacred and our lives should be lived with intention, awareness, and a desire to learn and grow (see video below).

Why Garden?

Gardens are the core of human life, sustaining and nourishing us with organic, healthy fruits and vegetables. We believe humans are happiest and healthiest when gardening is part of our lives.

Why Sanctuary?

We consider Sacred Garden Sanctuary to be a safe zone, away from areas most affected by economic collapse, global warming, or earth changes. www.pocketoption.my.id/download-app a community that is as self-sufficient as practicable.

Core Values

  1. Care for People
    • Includes the sustainable flourishing of human civilization, the appreciation of culture and diversity, and the shared responsibility of prosperity for every person on the planet.
  2. Care for the Earth
    • Includes the appreciation and preservation of wilderness and species diversity, soil building and management, preservation and reconstruction of forests and microclimates, and creating a carbon-neutral human footprint.
  3. Recognition of Limits and Fair Use
    • Includes responsible family planning, wise use, re-use, and recycling of resources and building systems which minimize https://www.pocketoption.my.id/download-app/ and are designed for comfortable living with very low (or no) fossil fuels.