About Us

Community Ownership

The four partners below hold the community land in joint tenancy and will never sell the land.

Edwin Basye

I am the founder and co-owner of the community land. I had a long, successful career in computer programming and database management in Santa Clara, California. After some "burn-out" in the corporate world  and realizing the need for a major shift in my life in 1999, I quit my job and moved to Rochester, New York,  where I pursued the quest of "what's next". I recognized that my career and the pursuit of material possessions for the sake of material possessions and status held no meaning and no spiritual reward. In 2000-2003,  I explored alternative healing modalities and relationship skills. I also studied organic gardening, which led me to permaculture. I became focused on sustainable living and a healthy diet. In December of 2003 I made another shift, moving to Arizona to actualize the dreams I have had  for a community of love, health, freedom, abundance, and personal development. I obtained Permaculture certification in 2004. My ideas about money have evolved into a more balanced view, realizing that money is very important to accomplish what I am passionate about. Therefore, in 2007 I began a web design and development business to encourage sustainability in the business world, and to help fund the Sacred Garden Sanctuary and other projects. I never consider myself finished with personal growth, realizing that there is always more to learn and experience. I intend that the community which we will build will provide opportunities for personal growth for all participants, and an abundance of sustainable health, wealth, connected relationships, joy, and satisfaction.

Chris Willhoite

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Rocco Bradford

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Mark Murnan

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Sustainable Abundance

Sustainable abundance includes optimal health for humankind and all species of life. It includes the use of sustainable agriculture practices to conserve water, build soil fertility (improving the quality of food), renewable energy sources that are close to carbon-neutral and ideally sequester carbon from the atmosphere, and the practice of healthy diet and exercise. Sustainable abundance also includes a sustainable economy, which means taking responsibility for financial resources individually and collectively by minimizing debt and co-creating sustainable businesses.


Jim Ross

Jim has been Edwin's personal coach for over seven years. He has gifted me (Edwin) with his time during one-to-one calls almost every week. I am eternally grateful for his help and encouragement through tough times and wonderful moments, and the gentle education he has given me on the subject of co-creation and manifestation.

Ken Beach

Ken has been supportive and helpful to the Sanctuary in many ways, helping out with rock dam building, finding resources and services at favorable costs, saving the Sanctuary thousands of dollars. He also has provided an in-town base and an office for Sites That Grow LLC Edwin's website business which helps support Sacred Garden Sanctuary.