How to make productive garden beds in the desert

For us, productive beds are double-dug and covered with insect netting in the warm seasons, and with additional protection of Agribon in the winter.  They are well-watered and have lots of organic material. It is also helpful to have some clay in the soil. Extremely sandy soil loses moisture very fast. If your soil is nearly all sand, you can improve it with compost and other organic materials,

Membership Requirements Have Changed

After some careful thought and consultation with friends of the community, we have substantially changed the merequirements. Please review the Membershipe page to see the changes. The reasons for the change is to value contributed labor to a larger extent, and to provide a no-labor option for the disabled or those that choose not to contribute labor. We encourage people to choose option 3 or 4 so we have a good mix of cash flow and contributed labor for the community.

Garden Beds almost finished!

To those expecting a January newsletter, we apologize. Due to holiday time and the weather progress in December was slow.

However, we have been working for the last 2 months on our garden beds for spring. We now have nine beds 3'X20' for a total of 540 sq. ft of double-dug beds. In addition, we have over 50 prepared spots to plant melons, which we hope will be a good cash crop this year (we plan to prepare over 100 melon mounds). Pictures will be posted soon in the February Newsletter.

New approach to dome finishing

After putting on a partial "finish" coat of plaster, we have decided to rock-and-mortar the exterior instead of plastering. This will have the following advantages:

  • Higher longevity
  • Reduce maintenance to near-zero
  • Add some further structural integrity
  • Improved aesthetics

We will be putting up pictures of our progress on this very soon. Stay tuned!


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