Newsletter delayed

For those of you waiting with bated breath (where did that term come from?) I want to let you know there will be a newsletter issue out soon. In the meantime here are the important developments:

  • We constructed a 3rd swale after observing the blow-outs of the first two swales during gullywasher storms
  • We decided to go ahead and install an expensive but reliable solar pump for the well, as we've had many challenges with our two generators, which are not currently functional.


Nyagen Toilet Concrete Pour

 Here are some pictures from our Nyagen toilet project for Michael. A nyagen is a hole in the ground covered with concrete for a squat-type toilet. He will also have a shower in the same dome. The shower water will drain out a pipe for gray water once dome is complete, rather than into the nyagen.  The cost for the nyagen was about $100 for the concrete (25 bags) and $10 for the rebar, and about $10 for the 2X4's, which we can re-use .


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