Status Update

Recent Activities

  • We have had very good monsoon rains, above normal rainfall in July and August
  • Continued  to bury the water pipe which runs from the well to the storage tank area.
  • Bought MycoGrow to encourage growth of trees, bushes and annuals. Some of the trees have started leafing out more, but it may be due to the monsoon rains.

Planned activities

Spring Winds

The spring winds came powerfully in March. So powerfully that the tin roof on the toilet house blew off. It was time to do something drastic, so we put on a layer of OSB (plywood) and asphalt roll roofing. The roof is now extremely solid and will handle anything that Mother Nature will deliver (no tornadoes here).

Status Update

What's happening at the Sanctuary:

We received another pickup-style camper that is in pretty decent shape. It needs a bit of repair, because it was tipped over by a horse, but has most of the amenities intact.

We are slowly continuing to bury the water line. We added another faucet to reach an area we previously had to carry water to.

The permanent, large water tank needs adjustment. We put in the liner without filling it with water -- MISTAKE!


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