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How to make productive garden beds in the desert

For us, productive beds are double-dug and covered with insect netting in the warm seasons, and with additional protection of Agribon in the winter.  They are well-watered and have lots of organic material. It is also helpful to have some clay in the soil. Extremely sandy soil loses moisture very fast. If your soil is nearly all sand, you can improve it with compost and other organic materials,

Newsletter issue coming soon

We have been very busy on many fronts, and have not kept up with our newsletter. However, we plan a March issue with lots of pictures taken by Alecc, a current WWOOFer here. Stay tuned to find out what is happening with our gardens, our new shower facility, and much more!

Garden Beds almost finished!

To those expecting a January newsletter, we apologize. Due to holiday time and the weather progress in December was slow.

However, we have been working for the last 2 months on our garden beds for spring. We now have nine beds 3'X20' for a total of 540 sq. ft of double-dug beds. In addition, we have over 50 prepared spots to plant melons, which we hope will be a good cash crop this year (we plan to prepare over 100 melon mounds). Pictures will be posted soon in the February Newsletter.

Garden is Progressing

We have two 3'X20' beds double-dug and planted, and have started a third. We have room for perhaps 10 more beds on the upper terrace. Michael is leveling the lower terrace which will provide space for more beds later. Pictures soon to come in the April Newsletter.


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