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Garden is Progressing

We have two 3'X20' beds double-dug and planted, and have started a third. We have room for perhaps 10 more beds on the upper terrace. Michael is leveling the lower terrace which will provide space for more beds later. Pictures soon to come in the April Newsletter.

Progress on Michael's Dome

Here is a quick update on Michaels dome. We are about 2/3 done with the height. It will start closing in from here on so the time and materials to complete it won't be a whole lot.  We have a shot at finishing before my eye operation Jan 5, but it depends on the weather.


Newsletter delayed

For those of you waiting with bated breath (where did that term come from?) I want to let you know there will be a newsletter issue out soon. In the meantime here are the important developments:

  • We constructed a 3rd swale after observing the blow-outs of the first two swales during gullywasher storms
  • We decided to go ahead and install an expensive but reliable solar pump for the well, as we've had many challenges with our two generators, which are not currently functional.



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