Food Plant List

(Revised May 2012)

  This is a planned planting list, which will be implemented as time and resources permit and revised as appropriate. Many varieties are experimental, so some may fail in this climate.


Latin Name
Harvest Season
Apple Malus pumila Anna, others TBD Planted 25 A two apple trees have been planted, one seedling undetermined July-Oct
Aronia Aronia melanocarpa TBD planted 5-6 ? very productive berry bush. Birds love the fruit. Autumn
Apricot Prunus armeniaca unknown Planted 15-20 A Two varieties thriving, starting to produce fruit. In 2012 a late snow killed the blossoms, but trees are thriving
Blackberry Rubus spp. Generic Planted (3) 3-5 A 3 plants Feb 2006--more drought resistant than raspberry. Did not survive. Planted raspberry and blackberry in 2011, surviving and blackberry is starting to produce fruit. Jul-Aug
 Sour Orange   Standard Med 20 C Obtained seeds from similar tree in Tucson, will try to sprout. Flavor is tangerine/grapefruit but very sour. Juice makes excellent  sweet-tart smoothie with banana or other sweet fruit Most of year
Cherry Prunus capuli Sweet bush 2009   A Tartarine and Bing cherry trees failed. So did our Mexican cherry. We have planted two bush cherries (April 2012), a gift from Shaine, and they are currently growing.
Currant Ribes spp Minaj Smyriou 2008   W failed. June-Jul
Elderberry Sambucus caerulea Blue Elder 2006 6-10 W Powder blue berries. Guild companion for walnut. self-fertile. Non-viable bare-root, will have to try again Aug
Fig Ficus carica Brown Turkey, Black Mission  Planted 10-15 ? Mission fig will probably thrive better than the Brown Turkey, as it is more cold-hardy. Both need winter protection during colder years. Both varieties failed in winter 2005-2006 Summer-Fall
Goumi Eleagnus multiflora Sweet Scarlet, Seedling Planted (2) 10 A,W 6 ft tart berry bush. Nitrogen fixing plant. High in vitamin C. Seedling survived, has not fruited. Sweet Scarlet failed. ?
Grape Vitis spp. Thompson Seedles, Red Flame Seedless, Concord, Cabernet, Merlot, Zinfindel Planted (5) 3-10 ? Thriving Additional varieties purchased and soon to be planted: Merlot, Cabernet, Zinfandel. Planted near apples and on south side of motor home. Zinfindel failed in late summer. ept-Nov
Gooseberry Ribes hirtellum American Planted (1) 5? A 1 planted Feb 2006. Failed Summer?
Guava Myrtus ugni molinae Chilean Low 15 ? on-inch oval fruit flavor similar to strawberry TBD
Huckleberry ? Evergreen 2010 ? ? will plant as understory to larger trees, possibly under Cherry Aug-Sep
Jujube  Zizyphus jujube Chinese  2006 (2) ? A "chinese date". A seedling required to accompany hybrid for best fruit setting. Both were non-viable, we will have to re-try. Aug?
Kiwi ? TBD 2008 ? ? vine, best in partial shade in this climate TBD
Medlar ? TBD Low ? ? one-inch apple-like fruit Nov
Mulberry Morus Alba Pakistan Planted ? W Nice companion plant for Walnut. Monitoring to see if it survived the winter Jul-sep
Nectarine Prunus persica?   Planted ? A Failed TBD
Olive ? ? Planted ? ? Needs protection below 15F, a rare occurrence . Found a variety which should be more cold tolerant, planted 2 in 2012
Orange ? Mandarin Low ? C This is a high-risk plant because of the danger of killing due to low temperature. Mandarines are more cold-hardy but still may need protection. Dec-Mar
Passion Flower Passiflora Incarnata Maypop 2010 ? ? Multi-use vine with edible fruits. Initial planting failed.  
Paw Paw Asimina triloba TBD 2010 ? ? can be used as an understory plant. Will be planted after we have some mature overstory trees. Successful specimens growing near Sedona. Sep-Oct
Peach Prunus persica Early Elberta, Desert Gold Planted (2) 25 A One failed, the other is alive but growing slowly as of 2012. June-Aug
Pear Pyrus communis TBD Planted (3) ? A An initial planting failed in 2007. We planted 3 more saplings, one is growing.
Persimmon Diosporyos spp Hygea, Fuyu Planted(2) 25? A One of each variety planted Jan 2006. Failed in 2007, probably because of lack of adequate water and lack of root system (were bare-root). Oct-Jan
Plum Prunus spp. Santa Rosa, Mariposa Planted (2) 20 A The Santa Rosa is doing well and a few plums were produced this year. A second plum, a Satsuma, failed. Replanted with Mariposa  in spring of 2006. Replanted another Santa Rosa in spring of 2008, which failed.
Serviceberry Amelanchier alnifolia Smokey Low 12 O   Summer
Strawberry Frageria spp. Ever-bear Planted .5 O cold-frames may extend season into December. Plants did marginally in 2005. May need partial shading during months of intense sun and dry heat. All plants failed in 2008. Planted new plants in lower garden in 2011 where soil contains more clay. They are growing.
Wolfberry Lycium Barbarum Ninxia Reserved  6 plants for May 2006 10 A,W .Found several inexpensive sources and will order immediately.  Extremely valuable for human vitality and longevity, many healing properties. Antioxidants are sky-high compared to other fruits and vegetables. Lots of phytochemicals for healthy eyesight.  Berries can be dehydrated and used all year round or juiced and mixed with other fruit juices. As of 2012 two  plants are surviving but not thriving. Growth seems stunted. Very susceptable to grasshopper damage.

* To be determined. Research will be done to find the most disease-resistant and drought-resistant varieties

Guild codes: A=apple/pear, stone fruit, C=citrus, N=Pinyon, O=Oak/Hazelnut,P=Pecan, W=Walnut


Species Latin Name Variety Priority Guild Comments
Almond Prunus Dulcis Nonpareil Planted 2 S This variety has thin shells for easy cracking. Trees are thriving and putting out new growth in 2012.We have had two small crops so far.
Pecan   TBD 2013 P Needs good topsoil, will be planted on lowest slope near valley where soil is richest
Pinyon Pinus cembroides   planted N edible pine "nuts". Drought tolerant. May need partial shade to get started. Pinyon failed. May re-try in the future.
Walnut Juglans spp. TBD 2013 W Walnuts must be planted away from most fruit trees. Mulberries are an exception. Elderberry, Hackberry, Wolfberry, tomatoes and peppers can be successfully planted near or under walnut trees. One walnut guild is planned.