Sacred Garden Sanctuary Newsletter December 2009

Dome Building Continues

Despite some unpleasant winter weather, we are continuing to make slow progress on Michael's dome. Here is what it looks like now:

We have ordered more tubing and are finishing some details, such as the concrete floor, while we wait for it to arrive.  We hope to complete, or nearly complete, the dome by the end of this month. We are farther along than it looks, because there will be less work to complete each row, as the rows get smaller at the top.I will have eye surgery Jan 5 which will prevent me from doing any heavy labor  for a couple of weeks.

Other News and Plans

  • We will be starting to work on the community garden as soon as we are finished with the rough dome construction. We plan to put in a large garden area just uphill from Michael's camper and dome (background of the picture above). The first task for garden construction will be to fence in the garden area to prevent cows from enjoying a feast at our expense. Then we will need to bring in another water line from the water main. Then we will have a lot of  work to prepare the soil, and order floating row covers to protect the tender plants from the late winter cold and from hoppers in the summer.
  • We are continuing to bury our water main. It froze and popped apart where unburied, but was easily fixed.


Please Spread the Word

if you know of anyone who has a pioneer spirit and is interested in community, organic gardening, and living simply, please pass the word by directing them to


Thank you for your interest in Sacred Garden Sanctuary and have joyous holidays.