Sacred Garden Sanctuary Newsletter April 2010

In this Issue

Progress on Michael's Dome

We have largely put aside dome building for the time being, to focus our energies on the spring garden. However, I did mount the door and plane the doorframe so that the door shuts easily. We also have purchased the doorknob hardware.

Community Garden Update

We have made great progess this past month on the garden.

Edwin has finished burying the water lines and double-digging the garden beds. We are creating beds 3' wide and approximately 20' long. So far we have 3 beds dug and 2 of those planted. We will re-assess after the fourth bed is dug, to determine if we need more right away.




Once again, Michael has been doing some really hard work, this time working on the lower terrace.






Other News

  • On the community garden agenda
    • We will be looking for a source of horse or other manure and compost or compostables.
    • We will be finishing digging the 4th bed and planting beds 3 and 4.
    • We will be purchasing more row covers and/or building greenhouse frames to protect the crops from excessive sun, wind dessication,  temperature fluctuations, and grasshoppers.
  • We will continue to bury our water main.
  • Margie is organizing a work party for May 8.
  • A visitor from Washington State may also be passing through in May.






The apricot trees have been very busy, too. Just look at that baby apricot! And there are many many more on the two trees!








The almonds also look like they are going to produce a few nuts for the first time! It will be a small foretaste of future years' harvests.





The water tank is now installed and in use! Many thanks to the WarrenShares group for their help sliding the tank up the hill. It's all hooked up and we just need to bury the pipes.





Please Spread the Word

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With peace and love -

Edwin Basye, Steward