Sacred Garden Sanctuary Newsletter for June, 2012

In this Issue

Building Update

We have started the chicken coop nests for the inside of the chicken coop. The picture to the right is of our five new laying hens. They've got a bit of growing up to do, but they are very cute.

Dan has been working on making bricks for their motorhome foundation/enclosure, has quite a stack of them now, and will soon be putting them in place.

Jose has been working hard on burying our drip system distribution lines for our trees and bushes in the lower garden area. It's looking very nice, and the system will be protected from heat and damage.  He also did some great improvement on the worst spot in the dirt road from the highway to the Sanctuary. The formerly huge drop-off  on a turn is now much more manageable for average-height vehicles, and even trucks and SUV's notice a big difference.

Members and Guests

We have gotten enquiries from a man from South Dakota and another friend-of-a-friend from California. Also a former visitor has contacted us about a visit. We will also be getting day or overnight visits from some local people.

The Garden

The Bisbee farmer's market continues to do fairly well, and the Douglas Mercado continues to struggle for customers.  Our garden is feeling the heat of peak summer, and some crops, such as the spinach, are drying up. Some of our mixed lettuce turned bitter, but we have planted two new beds.  Kale and  collards are doing well, and our zuchinni are coming along and have produced a few sales. The new crop of Romaine lettuce, shown to the right, has born up in the heat pretty well. We have planted some celery in trenches and they are growing, but slowly. The pumpkin plants are starting to take off nicely

We have put in the new irrigation for beds 16, 17, and 18, but they may need some adjustment for better coverage.

We have also been harvesting onions and carrots. The carrots are now all harvested until the next crop, but we will have more onions to sell. 

Our Pak Choi has also suffered from the heat, but we were able to harvest enough for some bags of mixed stir-fry vegetables.

Other News

Other Happenings

  • We purchased the five laying hens from a Bisbee vendor
  • We installed the insect netting on the walls of the circle garden, and used the remaining for bed #18.
  • We planted bed #18 with celery, carrots, beets, and radishes
  • Most of the upper garden is now planted with melons, cucumbers, corn, and peppers, and the drip systems have been repaired.
  • Jose and Edwin did the highway cleanup. It was much easier than the first time, as there was much less garbage this time.
  • We had a visiting frog (toad?) in our pond. He stayed one day and then disappeared. He was a little early, as serious monsoon rains are still probably a couple of weeks away. It was pleasant hearing him croak at night. Perhaps we will get more later.
  • We are taxing to the max our solar well pump, through these hottest, dryest weeks of the year. We look forward to the rains.

On the agenda for June/July:

  • Finish building the nest boxes for the chicken coop
  • Continue building the motorhome "foundation"
  • Repair the drip system in the upper garden
  • Continue selling produce at the Bisbee market and Douglas Mercado
  • Plant out more chinaberry trees and pomegranate bushes, which we have grown from seed.