Sacred Garden Sanctuary Newsletter: January 2014

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Happy New Year!

After a very mild fall, winter has been generally mild, with overnight lows occasionally reaching below freezing. While cold weather can be problematic for pipes which may freeze and break,  and cold extremities when working outside, it does solve a lot of pest problems. The grasshoppers are finally gone! Even though we use insect netting and Agribon, some hoppers always manage to get in to the beds and cause damage. Some of our crops had to be replanted several times.

Building Update

Prtvi took on the task of plastering the inside of the dome, and finished most of the first layer before she left for warmer climes.

Rocco wired up a plug for the pond pumps so we no longer need to run an extension cord.

Chris has put a door on the shower house and is working on rock-and-mortar around the pond as well as a shade structure for it.

Members and Guests

Prtvi was here for most of the fall, and helped out in the garden as well as the plastering mentioned above. Thank you Prtvi!

We also had Christy stay for a few weeks, and he really helped out getting the garden back into shape. Thanks Christy!

Chris W, who was here several years ago,  has returned and brought along his friends Rocco and John Chris & Rocco plan to stay and make their home here.




Rocco also bought his dog D-O-G, who is a lab/retriever mix and loves to fetch sticks. She has also made herself useful by chasing cows off and killing gophers.

We may soon get a visit from a couple bringing their own RV, who are traveling and visiting various communities.

The Garden

The Farmer's Market

The Bisbee Farmer's Market resumes on January 18.

Crop Production

We will have lots of greens to bring to the Bisbee market on the 18th. The lettuce has been producing well, and we have been planting more. We have also planted much more kale and should be able to harvest from some of the new beds. . The stir-fry greens have been getting much larger during the winter break. Fava beans and snow peas are blooming and should produce pods soon. Our potted tomato plants are doing well in our cold frame under the camper, and Rocco plans to clone them for faster tomato production this spring.

The cows got into the garden and wiped out our experimental winter wheat. We have since reinforced our fencing.


We trimmed our Chinaberry trees to make them grow more upright. We plan to trim the fruit trees in the next week.

Self-Sufficiency Projects

This year we still plan to build at least one solar oven, a solar veggie/fruit drier, and solar hot water heater. 

Rocco has tested and disassembled the solar pump and has determined it is repairable. We will order a repair kit and get back to solar pumping as soon as we can.

Other News

Other Happenings

  • The drip systems for the lower garden beds are all installed. Thank you Rocco and John!

On the agenda for this month:

  • Continue selling produce at the Bisbee market
  • Continue succession plantings as needed
  • Continue digging new beds
  • Install drip system for upper garden beds
  • A hoop house, if funds permit
  • Work on pond walls and shade structure
  • Look into aquaponics, talapia culture
  • Repair road as needed
  • Issue next newsletter early in February


Please Spread the Word

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Wishing you peace and love -

Edwin Basye, Steward