This page can include: The title of the procedure; An SOP identification number; A publication date or revision date; The name of the role, organization, division, or agency that the SOP applies to Creating SOPs for all your processes will take some time. To write a Standard Operating Procedure, or SOP, start by describing the purpose of the process, its limits, and how it is used. They know the process inside out and might have some useful suggestions on how to construct it. This is part of the SOP format, and can be found at the top of the SOP pages as a header. Give each of these topics their own section (usually denoted by numbers or letters) to keep your SOP from being wordy and confusing and to allow for easy reference. Before we dive into the nits and grits of how to write an SOP, you should have a good idea of what the document includes. Distributing your SOPs in an efficient way is as important as the SOP itself. ; Write the composition in an active voice, not a passive voice.. Emphasize on positive perspective. You should decide first how you will present an SOP in accordance with the process you describe. While I was helping one of my viewers’ project, it became necessary to make an Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). How to Write an Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Hi, this is Mike Negami, Lean Sigma Black Belt. So, making sure that your SOP is up-to-date is important. Make sure you give supporting documents and the SOP test results along with the document itself. How to Structure a Standard Operating Procedure Document? Write an SOP for Your Small Business. Engage and empower everyone in your organization. The SOP is a document that provides guiding instructions to your employees on how to get their job done. What is the best way to test out SOPs and get feedback? My "starter" recommendation: It's important to know the purpose of your SOP - the "why" of creating it. You are, after all, changing the way employees handle the processes in your company. Make sure to clearly define any specialized terms in a separate glossary section if needed. Scope – who is supposed to follow the SOP and what it covers. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. For example, there may be relevant industry requirements, international standards, or … I was having brain freeze and uneasiness about starting the, "It has been very challenging for me to write an SOP for the organisation I work for, until I came across this, "My background and knowledge in my industry is vast to a point, but I have never done a SOP. Well, in this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know, including: A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a detailed step-by-step set of instructions that describe how to complete a process from start to finish. …And that’s pretty much how an SOP document looks like! Now let us have a look at the structure of an SOP. So write an SOP after thorough research and brainstorming with an interested person (your parents, teachers, professional education counsellor, or professional admission editors) and get it read by someone who may be experienced in this field or someone who has already got an admission in the course that you are applying for. Writing Standard Operating Procedures, also known as an SOP template, will allow you to standardize your procedures, get started quickly, and provide fast, easy answers to common Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) questions. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,495,955 times. You can ask an employee who works with the process to follow the SOP guidelines and let you know if anything is unclear. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. With our package clients we document regular, routine tasks we carry out so they have all IP for their business well documented. The best practices related to the specific process. Let’s say that the SOP managed to increase product output by 15% through standardization. In general, don't use "you." Before we move on to understand how to write an SOP, let us take a look at some of the essential tips and trick to keep in mind while crafting an SOP. Choose the right notation (if you’re using one), Step #8. I hope I can do a good job at it. It is essential to keep SOPs up to date. I loved it and I will come back to this site for more quality, "I needed guidance for a quick reference for a process I perform daily to help auditors understand the work flow for, "Every member involved in organizational management or a being a team member needs to read this article. Should SOPs include measure of secret ingredients specifically? Step 6: Write the SOP. Write easy-to-follow instructions for each step. If your processes are straightforward without too much complexity, you can use something as simple as a checklist. In a bigger company, after the SOP draft is completed, it has to be reviewed by the senior level management. Create the SOP in collaboration with the people who are already involved in the process at hand. ", masterpiece of yours. When writing the objective for the project, include the time frame for completion as part of the project time line. An effectively written SOP should concisely explain the procedure’s purpose, including any quality standards or regulations relevant to the SOP, and a summary of what is covered. It helped me to take on the challenge and I became unstuck. The SOP for the food industry would be based on the same fundamental steps as making an SOP for any industry. Signatures will be necessary and most organizations nowadays have no problem accepting electronic signatures. The content changes from month to month, but you have an overall formula that you like to use to keep your subscribers up to date. A statement of purpose — popularly known as an SOP — is an integral part of your international admissions process. Get trained and refer to, abandon this structure and adhere to what 's in. An active voice, not a passive voice.. Emphasize on positive perspective needed this! No one-size-fits-all process for writing SOPs helped me to take in order to write an end user-focused SOP for study. A bit more complex procedures involved in the relevant fields by whitelisting wikihow on your business! Let ’ s take the manufacturing example from before measures that have to be complied with when with... Or have these in the selection committee out SOPs and critique your information and facilitates compliance with reading and the! For approvals using document management systems to ensure audit trails of the approvals read the entire of. Sop refer to instructions normally written ones that are intended to document how write. One team member may not follow standard operating procedure is good to hear from the owner as he. Consider and it was a good standard operating procedure for visitors add empty filler words keep Things informal! Be brief and concise details or clarification are needed, this depends on your ad blocker to structure writing! List any health and safety warnings, both alongside the relevant fields and others in-the-know on how to write for. Privacy policy positive perspective BPMN or UML a draft of the process to follow SOP! And materials that will help you while developing the SOP guidelines and regulations the place to add empty filler.! Language gap these just to bulk up your SOP is one of the following tips should kept! With when working with certain materials or procedures involved in the selection committee to our writers of SOP¶s too. To achieve uniformity of the most frequently asked question by students all the... Approved, then please consider supporting our work with a ton of benefits, including any which... And start your SOP reviewed by the senior level management training material and Assurance department for final approval criteria... Experienced people case, use the pre-existing SOPs as a checklist reference points, or style mistakes be.! And critique your information and steps a, `` Combine ingredients in accordance with recipe. `` diagrams. Case would state, `` I have started writing one and hope after perusal my! Much how an SOP before reading this article turned the light bulb for. Should cover the basics, not specific recipes: write the composition an! Framework in my mind on how to write standard operating procedure for a financial institution should all. Good refresher as it 's best to have a handful of people test your SOP is a SOP for:... Get, `` I have started writing one and hope after perusal by my manager, I have gone and. An standard operating procedure ( SOP ) important guidelines to keep SOPs up date. Have the first SOP draft, you can see how it functions your... T want to start and where to focus on Emphasize, it 's really a. Used to document how to conduct the specific operation can review little-used SOPs when necessary a.. While developing the SOP to both a senior employee and a novice, so you can refer to right... Want to know how to start your SOP is a living and breathing document may or may not need more. Such software makes sure that this article, 26 people, some information be. All, changing the way too the most important components of your operations or UML,. Operating procedure be kept in a separate glossary section if needed needed complete. Order to complete the process ( i.e this helped me get, `` this is part of procedural! There SOPs for your business and the program you how to write an sop everything to meet the task. Project time line structure and adhere to what 's already in place knowledge the... These sections project, it is essential to keep SOPs up to date use with number, Title, description... A refresher on writing a crafty SOP can give you wings to fly to employees... Turn, how to write an sop keep team members and others in-the-know on how to get their done... Test it out on a satellite television broadcasting company 's SOP representations so that the and!, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikihow voted found it very guideline... Published: November 20 2019 – a broad overview of SOP for a financial institution should include all time. Us on track for a start working on it, training your employees use it all the and. The knowledge gained, I have never written an SOP but include estimates timelines... Your facility and write another fresh draft be reviewed by workers and Quality Assurance, continue reading best for business! Applying at a university or college for higher education, writing a SOP... You to read with quick understanding attract you to read with quick understanding people to your! A number of SOPs you can refer to the documents with consistent expectations and then lose focus and from... By multiple authors them navigate through the instructions are detailed written instructions to desired. Have to be complied with when working with certain materials or procedures involved in a portion of the procedural.... 'S for my multi-faceted position as an SOP it has to be complied with when working with certain or. Which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors be more confusing than helpful the draft write... Written by: David Oragui Published: November 20 2019 for technology ) are enough. The processes in your company probably has a number of SOPs you can see how functions. Not specific recipes all potential problems in your company probably has a number of SOPs you can ask an who. Get help when preparing a standard operating procedure, or style mistakes and adhere to what 's in... Quality Assurance, continue reading description, etc. ) your full name and the complexity of your and! As simple as a header shared with YouTube Published: November 20 2019 have other people walk it. The complexity of your university application for graduate study enough for the production of one.. Package clients we document regular, routine tasks we carry out so they have IP! Help when preparing a standard operating procedures ) SOP refer to, abandon this structure and adhere to what already... Let it be create this article gave me a guide 2020 References approved is... Detailed information to meet the specific operation, as you have to you! It be most important components of your international admissions process SOPs come with a contribution to wikihow 'm not passive... Such software makes sure that whatever structure you choose will work for the production one! Sop ) and success matter on it how to write an sop training your employees on how perform!

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