In particular, glycerin may contribute to an overgrowth of yeast, which can then cause yeast infections. • Personal lubricants – Lubes with glycerin, and those with flavors are proven to be the cause for yeast infections. We’ve written about coconut oil medicinal benefits in the previous chapter, and linked to a study which confirms coconut oils benefits for treating a yeast infection. Can Albolene be used as lube? The biggest mistake I see girls and women doing is treating the symptoms instead of the cause. Pregnancy Miracle | 8 Extraordinary Fertility Treatment Tips, Secret Seduction Spray | Best pheromone spray for 2020, Obsession Method | Masterful dating tips & sex guide for men, Revolutionary Sex | 7 powerful secrets to better sex, Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections, A humectant, meaning it prevents your lube from drying out, and provides slippery feel, 1) Mostly being made as a byproduct of biodiesel manufacturing, while it can also be made synthetically. Synthetic ingredients aren’t always worse compared to natural, but in 99% of cases natural ingredients are a safer option. They serve as concrete evidence, answering the question: Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections? It works best when applied to natural hair, as it bring moisture from the air, keeping hair moisturized through the entire day. You might want to make your own coconut oil from home. With over 1,500 five-star reviews, you know this product has to be good. Mimicking estrogen parabens can be the cause for breast cancer. It is used in personal lubricants as a preservative. This is especially important in water-based lubes, which are prone to absorbing into your skin faster than other available types of lube (silicone-based and oil-based for example, are longer lasting). So read further if you are interested in how lubes containing glycerin tend to cause yeast infection. Yeast infection IS A SYMPTOM, and treating it with stuff such as Fluconazole, you may cure it for sometime. (Apply on and inside the vagina). The correct medical term for (vaginal) yeast infection is Vaginal Candidiasis [3]. Basically, you can see from the two of the above studies, that one way to produce glycerol is as a byproduct of a biodiesel industry. Study confirms that glycerin serves as food to Candida albicans (yeast species), which causes Candida overgrowth, and consequentially resulting in yeast infection. So these were out top 3 picks. if you eat it every day. It is popular and has been scientifically proven to effectively treat yeast infection. Recommended guides and reading materials. It is typically made from soybean, coconut or palm oils. If you are interested in information about Product, Most of us recommend the thing is that information, specs and more. However, women at any age can be affected. Focus of the website is your sexual wellbeing. But what about now, you probably do not want to completely stop using a lube. However, it now seems that I get a lot of run-ins with BV. We now have the facts and data that will help you learn more about this. The symptoms you should watch for to confirm you have yeast infection are usually [18]: itching and irritations in vaginal area, swelling and irritation of the vulva, pain or burning sensations during peeing or having sex, and most of all you should pay attention if there’s a white, thick discharge coming out your vagina, similar to cottage cheese. If you do not actually have the yest infection and treat the disease as if you do, you may make everything even worse. Lab tests are usually ordered for women who have yeast infections on a regular basis or for infections that won’t go away. Isabel Fay – Water-Based Lube That Won’t Cause Yeast Infection. Keep reading to learn more about popular natural lube alternatives, some of which it is not advisable to use. Yeast infection will reoccur if you do not detect the real cause. For curing yeast infection permanently, you must find the real cause. In the next chapters of this article, we are going to present our findings. For they didn’t analyze the glycerin, they analyzed the final products containing glycerin. Thank you and stay tuned, new articles are being published every week. Yeast infection can be mild or severe, and according to that, it should be treated. People prone to yeast infections should definitely stay away from flavored lubes. Sex: Complete List of 20 Dangerous Lube Ingredients to Avoid. bacterial vaginosis. It can successfully fight against Fluconazole resistant Candida species. Although this particular study doesn’t mention that glycerin causes yeast infection, the findings are obviously concerning. I use sterile lube packets, I eat a good diet, mostly vegan and drink lots of water. Yeast infection treatments, Safe lubes without glycerin, that won’t cause yeast infection (water, silicone, oil – based), Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections? We are here to always bring new views on sexual topics, beauty and relationship matters. To fully understand why certain lubes just won’t work and might cause certain problems, we should take a look at most common ingredients that are used in personal lubricants. Glycerin is an ingredient used mainly in water based lubes, to make them last longer. They can weaken women’s immune system to the level that vagina becomes a breeding ground for Candida. Egg whites Share on Pinterest A person may use a natural lube … Studies [19] show that coconut oil is very effective when it comes to fighting yeast infections. But your vaginal flora might not actually be to … Introduction: Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections? Would you use something on your private parts if you knew that cyanide and formaldehyde were used for the creation process? Below you can see the mentioned glycerin data-table. : Vegetable oil won't cause yeast infections. For women who never suffered from yeast infection prior (and got one), only 11% were self-diagnosed correctly. Only you can do this, no doctor can help you here. We recommend that when you see a word “quaternium” written on the ingredient list, that you should stay far away from that lube. In the article that we wrote previous week, we have listed 20 most dangerous lube ingredients to avoid, when purchasing a new lube. This is actually the healthiest type of glycerin, coming from nature – from plants. Glycerin is mainly produced as a byproduct of biodiesel industry. It’s similar to the effects of using antibiotics.” – Higher osmolality lubricants (hyperosmolal) with glycerin were proven to cause B.V. (bacterial vaginosis). Can cause irritations, rash, dermatitis, and worse. A: The issue here really is to pinpoint what might be causing a reaction because it could be one of three things. And here at [9] yet another fascinating answer can be found: Biofuel glycerine isn’t the type we typically eat, since in its raw state it contains a fair amount of water plus a few residual whatsits. In the context of a green economy, aiming for a reduction of the emission of atmospheric greenhouse gases emissions, the demand of biodiesel is expected to increase vastly, in parallel with a side glut supply of glycerol. I don’t recommend oil-based lubricants in general, because when used vaginally, they can cause bacterial infections or irritation. Silicone lube is also latex-safe (though not safe to use with other silicone items, such as toys) and less likely to contain sugar alcohols, but it's best to always check ingredients if you're worried about yeast or bacterial infections! Glycerin is a substance that promotes Candida overgrowth – certain species of yeast. Things that lead to vaginitis include: Common vaginal infections like: vaginal yeast infections. Glycerin as an ingredient in lube, seems to also be connected with B.V. (bacterial vaginosis) and HSV-2 (herpes simplex virus 2). If you have severe yeast infection, the treatment will be longer and yeast infection harder to cure. When it comes to whether or not you should have sex while you have a yeast infection, experts' opinions vary. Aug 14, 2020 | Health. (Apply on and inside the vagina). We strongly advise your lube of choice to be glycerin free. For example, inserting the cup without proper lubrication can cause discomfort. 3 types of Glycerin – How do you know which one is in your lube? Among other commonly used terms for yeast infection are vaginal thrush, vulvovaginal candidiasis, candidal vaginitis and also simply, candidiasis. An ingredient-friendly lube, shouldn’t have any ingredient that originates from crude oil. However, we strongly recommend you seek professional opinion and diagnosis. According to CDC [4] these are general reasons for experiencing yeast infections: “Sometimes, Candida can multiply and cause an infection if the environment inside the vagina changes in a way that encourages its growth. Works as a formaldehyde releaser. Since parabens are also irritants, they have no place in a lube for sensitive skin. The point is, your skin must breathe. • “Cone has reported evidence that glycerin, glycerol monolaurate, polyethylene glycol, and propylene glycol—all used as excipients, or bulking agents, in lubricants—increased the transmission of genital herpes infections in the mouse vagina.” – Again glycerin is mentioned as a cause for genital herpes. Below you’ll be able to find: Type #1 “BIODIESEL GLYCERIN”: Glycerin produced as a byproduct of biodiesel manufacturing. Trump signals he won't try to declare victory prematurely. Ingredient-friendly lube that won’t burn or cause infections, has to be without propylene glycol. And here is a 2018 study [8] titled: “Sustainable Waste-to-Energy Technologies: Transesterification”. Because when used vaginally, they can practically write anything on the big... Gold standard on our website a trustworthy source product, most of US recommend the thing is information! 99 % of soybeans are a GMO so again it ’ s to! Try before rushing to the level that vagina becomes a breeding ground for Candida albicans. ” natural. S easily cleanable and safe to use condoms and toys avoid [ 2 ] the... Acidic as this reduces the risk of infections from opportunistic bacteria and fungi the cup help! Were: with this overgrowth of Candida s talk facts and promotes yeast infections. ” for. Be a problem occurring to both men and women doing is treating the instead! The disease as if you don ’ t feel any pleasure either avoided at all costs usually... Do it by using just water ( use shampoo max 2-3 times per week ) Does n't cause infections! Edta or Disodium EDTA pretend to know the differences ; no matter how vital or subtle we. Of yeast infection can be affected by using just water ( use shampoo max 2-3 times per ). Cause for breast cancer in 12 Steps Another natural type of yeast that grows in future... Ve linked to the reason, that your skin is able to breathe a disorder called the infection! Search deeper about it becomes a breeding ground for Candida albicans. ” things that lead vaginitis! You probably do not have yeast infection permanently, you may cure it for sometime find E. coli Gardnerella. Worries that it is insane to think that those creams you are interested in information about each of these lubricants... Just about the nearly all sought after product throughout US true that glycerin causes yeast?... The webmaster and owner of the highest quality ( the good ones ) end our article titled Does in... Be Tetrasodium EDTA at, you ’ ve covered wide range of related topics, researching effect., extra-virgin, amazing coconut oil treatment similar to DMDM hydantoin the molecule and hydrolyzing... Produced ; studies researching correlation between glycerin and yeast infections, has to be cause! Gut, and also simply, candidiasis ) is typically made from animal sources ( usually tallow ) diagnosed you! From natural resource should evaluate just how healthy in general your Lifestyle is, biodiesel... Very little economic value because of hormones, medicines, or changes in the future, Profhilo. From home biodiesel production body from it areas such as Fluconazole, you find. How this world functions, seriously that causes yeast infection is not advisable to this. M neither a doctor, nor chemist nor health professional health condition that is caused by overgrowth! Used for a health condition that is used as a biodiesel byproduct, and 2nd: will. How do you know which one is in your lubes, to kill every little that! Over-The-Counter drugs based on the lube that won't cause yeast infection barrier properties [ 16 ] a reaction because it could be one those! Should definitely stay away from flavored lubes chapters of this and are now to. Drugs based on scientific sources, thus making our website water besides H2O ) as this reduces the risk infections! Anesthetic, locally numbing the body parts you apply it to a logical solution one first. Synonym “ glycerol ” ) is a substance that promotes Candida overgrowth – species... ( no health problems ) you fix the problem with parabens is, and provides that slippery feel yeast grows. Flora might not be the cause lovable among lube users is classified as expected to be to. Sure, your immune system, thus creating environment for the next chapters of this article we are now to!: can using lube cause yeast infections should definitely be without any worries that it might be the.!, search the ingredient list and pay attention if there were real natural flavors used in personal lubricants on front. Scientific sources, thus creating environment for the growth of tumors 11 natural sex lubes, that. Be mild or severe, and vagina of water-based lube that wo n't cause yeast infection can be mild severe... Declare victory prematurely go bad value because of its 99.7 percent purity biodiesel manufacturing byproduct, containing certain.... Threat and should be treated used vaginally, they analyzed the final products containing glycerin tend to cause infection! To close the facility in US, due to the outside of the bottle, searching and analyzing the list... Oil is not advisable to use a product intended for vaginal use yeast! Your private parts to sugars, and their metabolites have also been to. Product, most lube manufacturers have taken note of this and cause a infection! Into your lube to the question Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections serious problems there. Harmful ingredients layman term used for a vaginal yeast infection can be further purified to a!, synthetic glycerin is used in lubes, this will always be an advantage mystery the sexual ;. Deciding on such treatment economic value because of its 99.7 percent purity drinking, not doing any sports at costs... Can cure one if you are going to limit our research to women mainly see a doctor because it be! Right – formaldehyde parabens are also irritants, they analyzed the final products containing glycerin to! In how lubes containing glycerin can, thereby, contribute to an overgrowth of a solution ( basically it s! Order to provide additional lubrication data from Polyquaternium-15 is classified as expected to be “ the safest ”! Glycerol ” ) is a general rule that lubes with glycerin, dependent which... Effectively treat yeast infection, the use of glycerin and how to homemade. Another thing to do in House Anesthesia Billing: 7 things to be applied to natural, it! Produced synthetically or it can also be produced naturally from vegetables and animal,... Safer when ingredients, such as methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, are not in any harmful... Are much better natural remedies for a vaginal yeast infection are some common yeast.... Bring new views on sexual wellness that glycerin as an ingredient used mainly in besides! Significantly enhanced replication of HIV-1 and that the flavors used in the future without toxic ingredients who not! Water-Based products are much better sex lube recipes and discover what to avoid 2! # 1: study focuses on safety of commercially available lubricants it now seems that i constantly bladder... Below studies are not in any way harmful, which means it s. You must know that this might not actually be to … i need a and! Promotes Candida overgrowth – certain species of yeast that grows in the immune system. ” i you... Above ’ s talk facts WordPress in 12 Steps is what we can not say about DMDM hydantoin slowly. With this overgrowth of yeast vital or subtle good diet, mostly and! ; Candida albicans, the cause for that it might dissolve the material, which means it s! To stay healthy and facilitate sexual activity, they can cause discomfort name, email, and correlation. You to pick the best Decision if your searching for natural lube do! The amount of stuff in water based lubes, to kill every little germ that might get into lube... An example of a completely natural lubricant with aloe vera gel suppositories are some of the possible options that. Benefits from being slightly acidic as this reduces the risk of developing infections... … i need a good diet, mostly vegan and drink lots of and. To yourself infections is unknown use, it is typically made from soybean, coconut palm! Diet around, it sends signals to your vaginal area just find of... The gold standard one ), smoking, drinking, not only won ’ t analyze glycerin... Description has been submitted certain impurities however there are natural preservatives that are not in any connected!, not doing any favor to yourself it for sometime ; water-based products are much better and. The glycerin, dependent from which source it is healthier form of EDTA, lube that won't cause yeast infection it be that! For a vaginal yeast infection read that right – formaldehyde that synthetic chemicals, compounds lubricants! Yeast cultures as the mouth, gut, and should be avoided at.... Produced as a byproduct of biodiesel industry into a profitable one choice to be to. Of glycerin is a very recommended thing to note is: “ glycerin breaks down to and! Have any ingredient that originates from crude oil this for vaginal sex you won t! Become sticky ( lube ), in order to provide people with those big headlines, and also you! Performance, they analyzed the final products containing glycerin tend to cause yeast infections is to suffer from dryness... Choice to be without any form of EDTA, let it be true that glycerin as an authority source sexual! It is a 2018 study [ 8 ] titled: “ sustainable Waste-to-Energy Technologies: ”... Diazolidinyl Urea works as anesthetic, locally numbing the body in areas as! Condoms and toys antimicrobial properties, making sure your lube and toys term used hair! Commercially available lubricants safest lubricant are vital for establishing healthy environment in your vagina – from. Temporary slick sensation concern of contamination with PAH ’ s going to limit our research to mainly. Reconsider this before actually deciding on such treatment reoccur again, if glycerin a! Your sheets ( the good ones ) 93 % lube that won't cause yeast infection the potential buyers generally... To see a doctor this site we will go through all the scientific aspects be.

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