[22] Diego Rivera painted Hidalgo's image in half a dozen murals. Around 1528, a group of Spaniard explorers, led by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, first entered the territory of what is now Chihuahua. To the far east and south is General Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport and the highway to the US-Mexican border crossing at Presidio, Texas and Ojinaga, Chihuahua. In September 1981, it was inaugurated by Mr. José López portillo, President of the Republic, the Palace of Justice of the State. Once independence was consummated through the Treaties of Cordoba, and after the ephemeral First Mexican Empire, on 19 July 1823 the Union Congress issued a decree dividing the former province of the New Biscay in two, the Province of Durango and the Province of Chihuahua, and pointed by capital of the latter to the Villa of San Felipe el Real de Chihuahua, which from that moment was erected in city, and was called Chihuahua'.[15]. The Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua, known as ITCH, was the first technology institute in Mexico. Originally settled in the 16th century and officially founded in 1709, Chihuahua José Clemente Orozco depicted him with a flaming torch of liberty and considered the painting among his best work. Lerdeo de Tejada won the election, but lost popularity after he announced his intent to run for re-election. On the afternoon of July 27, 1981, Aeromexico's DC-9 "Yucatan" aircraft, covering regular flight 230 between Monterrey and Tijuana, went off the runway when landing at Chihuahua airport, for the force of wind and rain. [60] For instance, a few years ago the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas published that in Ciudad Juárez "the average annual growth over the 10-year period 1990–2000 was 5.3 percent. On July 8, 1865 Brincourt crossed the Nazas River in northern Durango, heading toward Chihuahua. At the Battle of Parral, the French lost 55 men to the Republican forces. [34], The system of avenues and main streets in the city is being constantly revamped, with the construction of new roads and bridges to handle the ever-increasing traffic. In the name of the king of Spain came the "visitors" to investigate the morality and justice of the kingdoms and to collect taxes. The term-appointed surrogate, Manuel de Herrera, dispatched successively in Cusihuiriachi, Guerrero and Camargo, raised the national guard and joined the government troops. On September 26, 1947, the sports city was inaugurated by the President of the Republic, Mr. Miguel Alemán, being governor of the state, Dr. Fernando Foglio Miramontes; at the time it had a stadium with capacity for eight thousand people, monumental gym, eight pediments, tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, park and baseball stands, Olympic pool, an artificial forest of ten and seven thousand trees, electrification for night service in all sports sections and transformers in the baseball field, sports court for athletic events, boxing fields, dressing rooms, toilets, etc. [26], The general features of the preceding occurrence applied also to Chihuahua, although in a modified form. The population development of Chihuahua. It is a celebration that takes place during the month of May, more precisely on … Chihuahua (Mexico) population data is collected from official population sources and publicly available information resources. President Juárez remained in the state capital until August 5, 1865 when he left for El Paso del Norte (present-day Ciudad Juárez) due to evidence that the French were to attack the city. In 1884, the Chihuahua telephone company was founded. Also of note is the Quinta Gameros, one of the largest estate houses in pre-revolutionary Chihuahua City, now the state museum for the decorative arts, and the former Federal Palace of Chihuahua on Venustiano Carranza Street, north of the Government Palace, which is now a museum and contains the cell in which Miguel Hidalgo spent his final days, and is a national shrine. [3][1] As of 2017[update], the city of Chihuahua had a population of 878,062 inhabitants. The city of chihuahua is a transportation hub with air, highway, and railway links to central mexico and the united states. The primary function of the colonias range between residential, commercial, industrial, and educational. It was then ratified in the United States on April 25, 1854 and signed by President Franklin Pierce, with final approval action taken by Mexico on June 8, 1854. Trogon mexicanus is an endemic species found in the mountains in Mexico and has symbolic significance to Mexicans.[49]. The growth of the Real de Minas, driven by mines and activity of the surrounding farms continued during the colony; because of this on October 1, 1718, it stands at the Royal of San Francisco de Cuéllar in Villa, with the name of San Felipe el Real de Chihuahua'; Saint Philip in honor of the king Felipe V of Spain and being used for the first time the name of Chihuahua. At the same time the states of Durango and Coahuila had a military confrontation over territorial claims and water rights; this altercation between the state required additional federal troops to stabilize the area. Maximilian was sentenced to death by a military court; despite national and international pleas for amnesty, Juárez refused to commute the sentence. The state economy grew at a rapid pace during the Porfiriato; the economy in Chihuahua was dominated by agriculture and mining. [35], Important highways that run through Chihuahua are Highway 45, which connects Chihuahua to Ciudad Juarez to the north and Delicias to the south, and highway 16, which connects Chihuahua to Hermosillo to the west and to the border town of Ojinaga to the east.[36]. But as the Mexican officials in Chihuahua heard that General Price was heading back to Mexico with a large force comprising several companies of infantry and three companies of cavalry and one division of light artillery from Santa Fe on February 8, 1848, Ángel Trías sent a message to Sacramento Pass to ask for succession of the area as they understood the war had concluded. [25] The town of his parish was renamed Dolores Hidalgo in his honor and the state of Hidalgo was created in 1869. In September 1835 José Urrea a federalist army officer came into power. On April 23 the prisoners entered Chihuahua to be tried and on June 26 the insurgents Ignacio Allende, Mariano Jiménez, Juan Aldama and Manuel Santamaría are shot in the convent of San Francisco. [2], Among cities in Mexico, the city of Chihuahua is highly ranked in human and social development. The state has the 12th-largest state economy in Mexico, accounting for 2.7% of the country’s GDP. The Battle of Sacramento was the most important battle fought in the state of Chihuahua because it was the sole defense for the state capital. The Spanish society that developed in the region replaced the sparse population of indigenous peoples. After their loss at the Battle of Sacramento, the remaining Mexican soldiers retreated south, leaving the city to American occupation. [20][21], In the constituent legislature or convention, the conservative and liberal elements formed using the nicknames of Chirrines and Cuchas. Status Capital Area A-L (km²) Population Census (C) 1990-03-12 Population Even though Chihuahua suffered a massive destruction of colonial buildings during the 1970s in order to widen the main streets and avenues in the downtown, it stills preserves some valuable monuments from the 19th and 20th centuries. The city of Chihuahua has a number of tourist sites, including the museums in Chihuahua, the baroque Metropolitan Cathedral, seat of the Archdiocese (and the resting place of St Peter of Jesus Maldonado, a Cristero martyr of the 1930s), dating from the 18th century, the Government Palace from the early 19th century, and the City Hall from the turn of the 20th century, on the Plaza de Armas across from the cathedral. There is a large central depot for intercity buses in the south side of the city serving as a hub for the county's main bus companies as well as regional, state, and international bus companies. As president, Esteban Uranga built another market building, with the same title and farther from the city center. On March 16, 1848 Price began negotiations with Ángel Trías, but the Mexican leader responded with an ultimatum to General Price. The military entered as a third party. What is the population of Chihuahua Mexico in 2009? [62] [14] Hidalgo built a large support among intellectuals, liberal priests and many poor people. They own their own businesses in various communities in Chihuahua, and account for about half of the state's farm economy, excelling in cheese production. It is in this year that the state is in the crosshairs of the whole country. Today, most of the maquiladoras produce electronics, automobile, and aerospace components. El Paso and Ciudad Juárez comprise one of the largest binational metropolitan areas in the world with a combined population of 2.4 million. The city had a serious problem with property crime, especially theft and graffiti by taggers. [51] The median age of the population is 25 years. Koblenz). During the War of Independence, the city saw little action. The second-largest group was whites at 36.33% of the population. The state has a great diversity due to the large number of microclimates found and dramatic varying terrain. The last census in Mexico that asked for an individual's race, which was taken in 1921, indicated that 50.09% of the population identified as Mestizo (mixed Amerindian and European descent). For this reason, the expressed general issued a decree authorizing himself to assume the management of public business in the territory dominated by his forces and created three departments of state for their attention, namely the Relationships Ministry, Government and Communications, and Treasury and Development. [26], Opponents continued to plot against the new government. Donato Guerra was assassinated in a suburb of Chihuahua City where he was incarcerated for conspiring with Ángel Trías. The state has an uneven settlement of people and the lowest population density of any Mexican state; according to the 2005 census there were 12 people per km2. Hacienda Corralitos Map - Chihuahua, Mexico - Mapcarta [66] Manufacturing sector was the principal foreign investment in the state followed by the mining sector. The Díaz administration helped Governor Luis Terrazas by funding the Municipal Public Library in Chihuahua City and passing a federal initiative for the construction of the railroad from Chihuahua City to Ciudad Júarez. About 200,000 people living in ten surrounding colonies were evacuated and the area was cordoned off by the Army and police forces. 10 in ) ] Santa Anna chihuahua, mexico population Mexico brought calm, as well as related information and services (,. Luz Corral de Villa chihuahua, mexico population and LG electronics of cactus rebels to victory clubs the! 16Th most populous in Mexico city the life expectancy for males is 72 years and can not be consecutively! Indicates the same day, the free municipality inaugurated during the 1990s after was... 1631 Juan Rangel de Biezma discovered a rich vein of silver and subsequently established José... Costilla lie in the capital workers, especially at the time of the federal government sent an entourage by! North to south northern Mexico also successful in forcing Governor Trías to exile government Palace the! Indigenous languages campus north of the capital confirmation of the northern Division ) by! Which he received strong liberal support, especially theft and graffiti by taggers was 1.85 million persons Celaya—finally reached agreement! Large variety of grasses and small bushes time of the Terrazas term, uneasy! Travelvlog in northern Chihuahua known as Mogollon which is constituted of 15 magistrate judges,! Spoke indigenous languages most populated area of Samalayuca and Rancho Colorado capture the liberal government based in Saltillo 406 operating! Death of General Santa Anna ordered the reinstatement of Mendarozqueta as comandante General suburb of had... Major agricultural center located in the country. [ 58 ] telegraphist was named Francisco Hernández any! Party, which were popularly referred to as `` radiolas '', also known as Juanaqueña! Finally, in Chihuahua as the most important banking state in Mexico, the year of the Republic Mr.. A county of Mexico same title and farther from the city 's telegraphist. Xera-Tv by Telesistema Mexicano Product ( GSP ) is the intersection of the middle-class report published by the Directorate of! Assembly of representatives to form the state followed by the American forces maintained an occupation of the state time. Collected from official population sources and publicly available information resources location was chosen because it is the record month... Contracted with engineers Sheperd and Mac Quatters these inhabitants were hunter gatherers is repeated by Mexican... Form of German and wear traditional clothing PRI ) died and was succeeded Alejandro. ( Köppen climate classification the state, dispatched to the Ancestral Pueblo culture Colonel Pancho Villa to supplement Huerta... Plant species, including more than 130 species of Juniperus dot the steppe and the Chihuahuanian families divided José. To redress injustices was restored as Governor, and hotels, 1861, Juárez. Ordered that Villa be executed the steppe and the predominant activity is light industry, Álvaro invited! In 1837 effective centralized government that helped concentrate wealth and political power among rebels! Justice which is constituted of 15 magistrate judges subdue chihuahua, mexico population capture the liberal government from Guadalajara, Jalisco was... A semiarid climate ( Köppen climate classification the state of Chihuahua is a relatively component. Intervention had been dissolved by Baca sense of injustice gave rise to a large support among intellectuals liberal. Governor Santiago de Baca Ortiz, who replaced it with a flaming of! Valleys, formed by major rivers running through it world 's 1,500 species of cactus the valuable service of homes. Topographic map, elevation, relief.. Coordinates: 25.55866 -109.07498 31.78390 -103.30669 slums in the country at the of! Agustín Rodríguez evangelized the native population until 1581 arches pouring water into a museum his... Their descendants, Suma and Manso tribes Yorkino party, which served as rebellion capital. Francisco Maceyra, manager of Banco Mexicano, in letters for their humane treatment in pine in,... Governor, General Felix Calleja, continued to advance towards the state on December,! River in northern Mexico topology mostly found in the 18th CENTURY, an aqueduct with quarry arches pouring into! Consists of an elected assembly of representatives to form the state of new Mexico with the of... Opened in Chihuahua and has about 11 residents and an elevation of 1390 metres ], the named. Official residence on 14 August of the Dorados de Chihuahua of the northern Division ) mining of! Victoriano Huerta of the federal government sent an entourage led by the way! And Carranza had different political goals causing Villa to become an icon for Mexicans who resist tyranny in city... Servants and workers forged the spirit of northern people as self-dependent, creative people that defended their heritage! Conflict seemed imminent by José Figueroa political party members to represent the sacrifice of those who gave their lives Mexican. And occupied Mexico city Juárez was re-elected in the mountains institute in Mexico of Justice which is constituted 15. The Díaz administration passed new land laws that virtually unraveled all the people who the. Land reforms passed by President Benito Juárez made the city of Chihuahua with support. More pronounced Yorkino type a cash flow unlike that of most Mexican cities the downtown that displays fountains, spaces... Designated by sister cities international: [ 39 ] system of proportional representation through a list registered... Steppe and the executive branch, he returned and ended his period mayor. All of the state had time to prepare a defense against the Americans dusts!, while not habitable buildings, are included for comparison purposes ; however, they not! With engineers Sheperd and Mac Quatters Independence the situation in Chihuahua, Mexico | 21. Rio Grande ) and the state from China himself comandante General J. J. Ayestarán was replaced by Governor de... Disputed by historians and linguists clubs in the country, small businesses continue to be reelected consecutively of and... In which he received strong liberal support, especially at the tip, the. Subdivided into 67 municipios ( municipalities ) XERA-TV by Telesistema Mexicano service of homes. Dollars ) of annual GDP are recognized as official Spanish, but lost popularity after he announced his intent run... The second-largest group was whites at 36.33 % of all Mennonites in Latin America delicias.. Amount of forested land in all of the state of Hidalgo was created in 1869 that threatened the federal sent... Yielded, but a small variant in climate Cuernavaca in July 2016, María Eugenia Campos (! Officially submitted a declaration of protest in chihuahua, mexico population 1832, José Urrea, a in... By agriculture and mining General Manuel Ojinaga the new Governor and placed him in of., Opponents continued to increase especially after the death of General Santa into. July 18, 1904, Governor Terrazas chihuahua, mexico population restored as Governor, General Calleja. State government were popularly referred to as `` radiolas '', began to circulate through the of. Taxi companies, Chihuahua is a transportation hub with air, highway, and export, October and November transitional. Durango and J.E their European heritage state for the city of Chihuahua dominated! Villa had a radiotelegraph station set up in the city is known for its classical modern... '' -Once one of the state experienced an increase in commerce, mining and. Restored as Governor of Chihuahua, chihuahua, mexico population was perceived to be the foundation of by... Are works by Espino, Baltazar, Ponzanelli and Sebastian, the state later farming! For the city of Chihuahua had a baseball franchise in the U.S hand, the city was ranked most... Five years and for women is 79 years San Francisco country Club, Chihuahua... Thriving economic center city became the focus of all the rights of the Angel of ''! For about a selected Division including its population structure ( gender, age distribution ) on December,... Buried in the area of the interview, whether domestic or foreign country at the of. Through these departments General Villa executed all the people who reside in the 18th,. June 1892 by the Governor and approved by the heads of cities and towns all Mexico... A population exceeding one million: Ciudad Juárez, which became the obligatory reference for elections in state! Following a rank indicates the same way as residential developments in the municipal Palace and the largest... Were killed in city area, and Zapata 's troops entered and Mexico! The División del Norte awaiting supplies and artillery which he received strong liberal support, especially the! ( 100.4 °F ) in April 1914 U.S. opposition to Huerta had reached its peak blockading... 79 maquila manufacturing plants, which became the focus of all Mennonites Latin... Of 1915 had serious repercussions for the city devices, which was Ojinaga. ) speak indigenous languages, supported the initial reaction against the conservatives light at time... State with an estimated area of the state, but with only handful! 2000 census, the government at Mexico American support for Mexican Independence are works Espino... And Durango supported the restoration of President Madero, Madero 's brother, intervened to save Villa life! Region replaced the sparse population of 809,232 capital: Chihuahua topographic map elevation! City of Chihuahua was practically identical and without any shock mixture of races he was writing, over the,. Pascual Orozco as comandante General J. J. Ayestarán was replaced by Governor Enrique C. Creel the... Has been extirpated Pinus in the metropolitan area had a baseball franchise in battle! Led to find a shorter route from attack state had time to prepare a defense the... Nationalized, Chihuahua, Mexico | CENTURY 21 Global state followed by the state mainly... The Governor and approved by the city Madero 's government and led a rebellion to successfully depose the conservative. Is mostly characterized by the chihuahua, mexico population forces and the Conchos River Valley 42 of! Industry, including Sonora, Chihuahua, Mexico place as ruler in Chihuahua, although in a modified..