Since the early 1990s, Spain’s hip hop scene has been growing, mixing latin influences with flamenco and a Southern US trap vibe. In 2006 she received the Lo Nuestro award's "Premio a la Excelencia" (Excellence Award). La gitana 3. But in 2001 Mamen recorded a follow-up album influenced by eurodance pop. Most famous Female Singers from Spain is a top list in the Music category on A. She was married to Daniel Calparsoro and in 2004, she had a son, Teo. - spanish singers male stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. She studied vocal interpretation and accompaniment with composer/guitarist Jorge Cardoso, classical singing with Angeles Chamorro and Concha Doñaque, vocal jazz with singer Connie Philp and voice ortofony and interpretation with Miguel Cuevas. In 1999 she was signed to Emi-Odeón and released her third album, Fuente de luna. Lo, is an American singer… She is the daughter of the Spanish singer Rocío Jurado and the Spanish boxer Pedro Carrasco. Later in life, she bagged many decent roles and several television shows. The word cantautor (cantar + autor) means “singer-songwriter.” Joaquín Sabina is one of those singers whose music you either love or detest. Lorena Gomez Pérez (born April 12, 1986 in Lleida) is a Spanish pop singer known artistically as Lorena. clubs. She also improved her songwriting skills and wrote her third album Serotonina. She has a brother named Karim Nimri, a half-brother named Andre Nimri and two half-sisters named Sara and Nadia Nimri. Alessandra became a sort surrogate mother at 8 years old, playing the role of mother to her 1 month old nephew after her sister's addiction to meth spun out of control. In 2009, Fátima Miranda was awarded the “Demetrio Stratos” International Prize for experimental music. Uranga left Mocedades in 1984 to pursue a solo career, although she failed to surpass her success in Mocedades. 1. Their first single was called "No te enteras de ná", and their album (yet to be released) is called Más que palabras. 1. Salomé (born June 21, 1943), born Maria Rosa Marco Poquet, is a female Spanish Catalan singer. Discover the most famous Singers sorted by how old they are. At the end of 2000, her own debut album with the group, Tomalacaté, with hit songs Me pongo colorada and Practicar sexo sold over a quarter of a million copies and was listed as a contender for the highest-grossing Spanish album of the year. At age 8 performed in a stage for the first time and she never went down of it. Les sentiments forts 9. Najwa Nimri Urrutikoetxea (born 14 February 1972 in Pamplona, Navarre, Spain) is a Spanish actress and singer of Jordanian descent. Sinfanai retu 10. The soundtrack for the 1996 movie Curdled featured her songs "Lunas Rotas" and "El Talismán," exposing her to an international audience. Two years later she returned to try out again with her brother Airam; he didn't pass the first round, but Idaira did. Supervía was born in Barcelona to an old Andalusian family and given the baptismal name of María de la Concepción Supervía Pascual. In Andalucia special measure were introduced on 10 November. Having grown, Mayte Martín (born in Barcelona, Spain, April 19, 1965). In the, Lucrezia Bori (24 December 1887 – 14 May 1960) was a Spanish operatic singer, a lyric soprano. Explore more top 100 lists about Music on or participate in ranking the stuff already on the all time Most famous Female Singers from Spain top list below. Everywhere you go, the region is full of artistic expression and a testament to this is the continuous success that artists have had, and keep on achieving, in this area. At age seventeen, she performed onstage for the first time, and adopted the stage name La Mala. She is best known to international audiences for her performance in the movie ¡Átame! It mixes many different rhythms and styles, including "Amores Dormidos", a song composed for Edurne by the popular Spanish pop group La Oreja De Van Gogh. Top 20 Spanish singers of the 70's 21 items ranked. She started studying languages at the University of Nanterre (near Paris). Bebe was born María Nieves Rebolledo Vila in Valencia de Alcántara, Spain. Joaquín Sabina is just one of those vocalists whose songs you either love or loathe. She was educated at the local convent but at the age of twelve entered the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu in Barcelona to study singing. She is a cousin of director Pablo Berger. Everywhere you go, the region is full of artistic expression and a testament to this is the continuous success that artists have had, and keep on achieving, in this area. In 1963 she also starred the funny Marisol Rumbo a Río (Marisol Is Bound For Rio), where she played both twins like Hayley Mills in "The Parent Trap" and sang "Bossanova junto a ti", Dame Montserrat Caballé (Catalan: [munsəˈrat kəβəˈʎe], Spanish: [monseˈrat kaβaˈʎe]) (born 12 April 1933) is a Spanish operatic soprano. The first album that she released with this band, Será (It will be), was nominated to the Latin Grammy Awards 2009. María Laura Corradini Falomir, popularly known as Chenoa (born June 25, 1975 in Mar del Plata, Argentina, but raised in Majorca, Spain) is a famous Argentine-Spanish female music artist who became successful after appearing on the TV contest Operación Triunfo. She made her debut at the age of sixteen, at the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples, as Rosina in The Barber of Seville, which would become her best-known role. After a one year studying Spanish and Italian, she took off for Italy giving up her studies at the university. Innu Nikamu 3. Today, she is a theater actress, charity spokesperson and the face of luxury ad campaigns. Among her most notable songs are "Tu regreso", "Si llegara el amor", "Volverás A Sonreir" and "Está escrito, lo veré" which she wrote to relate her affliction by the death of her father and her hope to see him again. })(document, 'script', '//'); Vega did reasonably well in Operacion Triunfo, but was not one of the finalists. At, we aim to give you the best of everything - including stuff like the Most famous Female Singers from Spain list. L'invitation A Venise 6. Parce que je t'aime 9. It was the first time a non-francophone artist earned this merit. Its first single, "Desesperada", was released both in Spain and The Americas. Since then, she has recorded more than 35 discs. She finished 8th at Eurovision with the song Dime (Tell Me), that was a number 1 hit in Spain and that edition of the contest was the most watched TV program in Spain of 2003. She remained with the band until 1991 before deciding to pursue a solo career. Raquel, a self-taught musician, was 17 when she met David Feito from Asturias, who headed a Celtic-based music group. Since 2001, she has gained fans worldwide and has multip-latinum sales and several awards. The video (which featured Natalia in a haunted house being seduced by a ghost) was seemed too inappropriate for young children and it wasn't shown on Spanish TV until the late evening, which caused a flop in sales. She later stopped studying. At the age of eight, she made her film debut, playing a small, unbilled role in El día que nací yo, a 1991 vehicle for star Isabel Pantoja. Then she sang in Tomás Bretón's Los amantes de Teruel and as Lola in Mascagni's Cavalleria rusticana. In 2009 she collaborated with Producer DJ Sammy on her album and chart hit "Tierra de Nadie". In 1999 he recorded his first song in English called “Bailamos,” which became an international success. Both her father and her grandfather were singers. She made her film debut in 1948 in Jalisco Canta en Sevilla. She finished third, but in a separate vote was selected by the audience to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003. When Lydia was 16 years old, she released her first album, Lydia, which went platinum in Spain. In February 2010 they moved to Lugano, Switzerland in order to be closer to his new Formula One employer Ferrari. Rafael Ojeda Rojas alias Falete (Spanish pronunciation: [faˈlete]) (Seville, 1978) is a gay gypsy flamenco singer from Seville, Spain. Miranda (born Sandra Miranda Garcia, 1976) is a French singer, popular in Europe in the late 1990s and early 2000s (decade). But then there were no Spanish tango singers outside very local milieus. She was married to Antonio David Flores, a former Guardia Civil officer who is better known for his highly publicized relationship with Nuria Bermúdez. Her career at the Metropolitan Opera, New York, where she became one of the great and unforgotten favourites, began during the Met's first visit to Paris, in 1910 (June 9; Manon Lescaut). The prize of the competition was to become the Spanish representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. t was 1903 when Miss Blanca del Carmen, that frequented several music genres, for the Gramófono label and under the series number 63221 made the first recording of a tango in Spain, “La bicicleta”, which, as everybody knows, is closer to a cuplé than any other thing. The album included rumbas, tangos, bulerías, boleros, rancheras and ballads by Silvio Rodríguez, Lolita de la Colina or Amancio Prada. Estíbaliz Uranga (* 9 December 1952 in Bilbao, Spain) is a Spanish singer, best known as a member of the folk group Mocedades, as part of the duo Sergio y Estíbaliz and nowadays as a member of the group El Consorcio. Nerea Arce. Abril was born in Madrid. La Serneta (Jerez de la Frontera, 1837 – Utrera, 1910) was a famous Spanish flamenco singer (cantaora). In 1996, she formed the band Najwajean with Carlos Jean. In 2006, she has had her comeback with a new image and group. She has made numerous tours by Europe, Latin America and the north of Africa. Her musical style can be defined as the classical Spanish canción de autor or singer-songwriter, but it shows influences of Frank Sinatra, K's Choice and Los Planetas. On 25 June 2006, Bebe announced that for now her album Pafuera Telarañas would be her debut and her farewell because she was retiring from the stage for a while. She became well-known in Spain for parodies of Madonna's Hung Up and Can't Get You Out of My Head and 2 Hearts, both by Kylie Minogue. //-->